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As a company, we are committed to ensuring our clients are satisfied and get the best out of their investments. Our platform is a secure, robust, and easy-to-use interface that allow users easily and quickly create an account and start out on a rewarding financial journey. We hold a record for excellence and client satisfaction. We deliver on our promise and we will always hold our records high.

Our Story

Awele Funds is an investment company offering blockchain-based assets such as cryptocurrencies, as well as Forex, Stocks, and Exchange Traded Funds to its clients, who include individual, group, and institutional investors. Awele Funds is licensed to trade digital assets to clients in over 147 countries around the world. Our offered assets bring high returns for our clients, who have trusted us for over 6 years now.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver growth to your investments. We will help discover assets, build and manage investment portfolios around cryptocurrencies, forex, and the entire financial market.

Trading Strategies

Our trading strategies include a combination of human expertise and artificial intelligence in spoting profitable trade opportunities.

Progressive Portfolios

The one thing that is common amongst all our clients is continuous increase in ROI of their investments. We deliver on our word.

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William Smith


Mary Houston

Chief Marketing Officer

Saul Faulker

Financial Analyst
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Our records speak for us. We have built relationships backed by trust and integrity. The community of investors who trust us with their financial assets is one where everyone is a winner! We deliver on our word and we have records to show for it.

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